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Prestige Lotion Corps D'escargot View larger

Prestige Lotion Corps D'escargot

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Rejuvenate your body completely with Prestige Lotion Corps D'escargot from It’s skin that offers you a complete solution for a youthful looking body. It contains the key ingredient – snail mucus and EGF (epidermal growth factor) that contains powerful agents to reverse aging.
These natural components work on damaged cells and repair them efficiently. One of the best sources for fighting aging, it works on your wrinkles, fine lines and heals it from within. It uplifts the skin and restores the lost elasticity and firmness. The protein contents of the snail mucus boost the collagen production thus ensuring that the skin stays smooth and clean. The inclusion of greens, sardines, eggs etc. can boost your collagen production and keep your skin youthful and glowing.
An excellent exfoliating, it gets rid of dirt and makeup leftovers that settle on your skin. Once the toxic is cleaned away, your skin will be breathing much more easily with improved blood and oxygen flow.
Use Prestige Lotion Corps D'escargot regularly to notice visible results on the body. Irrespective of changing season, the body lotion ensures that the skin stays hydrated and healthy. It blocks excess sebum on the oily skin while preventing dehydration on dry skin. A hypoallergenic product, it is safe for sensitive skin.

This body lotion from It’s skin is available in a pump sized bottle for easy application.




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Prestige Lotion Corps D'escargot

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