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Shipping Policy

Our Shipping Policy explains the different types of shipping methods, lots of possible circumstances that might occur in the meantime, and several ways to tackle them.

We have two kinds of shipping – Registered Mail and FedEx – both of which require different cost to ship, and the time needed in both the cases to let the package reach its destiny, vary as well. The Registered Mail requires about 3 to 5 days whereas FedEx shipping needs just 2 to 3 days. The amount to be paid in both the cases are added while the customer does the online transaction. We do not ship the parcels on public holidays and weekends. The consumers who do the payment on such days have to wait for the next working day.

You are requested to ensure us that there is always someone at your postal address who collects the parcel. If, in case, you miss to collect it please go and check for it at the nearest post office or courier service (about which we will provide you the details) since if no one is present the package is still there for few days waiting for someone to collect.

Every country has a unique import policy and we send across our products to different countries, provided that their norms accept our services. Please go through your own country's import policies so that you be aware of certain local protocols. Your courier service or local post office may ask you some amount of money to pay and may also refuse to give you your parcel if you deny paying it. You will be held entirely liable if such issues arise. Our shipping cost does not cover these extra payments since our charges are limited to state to state OR country to country shipping.

Some conditions that suddenly arise may get out of countrol and may also not subside on expected time. These circumstances could be wars, fire, riots, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, terrorist activity, etc. We would then request our consumer(s) to be patient for few day extra, else we will return their money back if no changes take place.