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The details being shown on the website has general information purpose only. We do not intend to spread the wrong details and in no way we claim that our products have the ability to diagnose, treat or prevent any medical condition or disorder. Our products do not require any registered physician's prescription and could be used as being over-the-counter. We make no claims for the accuracy or completeness, either expressed or implied, w.r.t. the website's details, graphical contents, etc.

We do not guarantee that there would never be any consequential loss or damage, whether direct or indirect, arising as a result of loss of data or using this website, its products, etc. The site may contain some links that would take you to third party web-pages, to which we have no control over their contents, availability and nature. Their inclusion does not automatically imply that we endorse those sites' products and/or services or intentionally recommend to our users.

Our products' testimonials, whether you find on this site or somewhere else, are based on individual experience only; these do not automatically imply that same experience would be felt by some other random individual. The results vary based on each person's current situation and suitability. So, if someone decides to plan for buying our products, after reading the reviews, it is totally upon him or her.

You may contact us for more details or doubts.